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Carpenter & Furniture

Founded in 1987 as a classical carpenters shop, we developed our services over the years to a being your reliable consultant for everything relating to furniture. Be it production, delivery, design or simply advice, we provide you with everything you need to make your home into an area of general wellness.

Seminar Center

In 2008 we opened our seminar center. Since then we pride ourselfes in being a reliable partner for your seminar needs in our region of lower Austria. We provide you with the space and services you need to develop your ideas.

Guest Rooms

Since 2008 we offer our guests the possibility to stay with us in our guest rooms and even spend an entire vacation with us. Be it for a seminar, on a pilgrimage or just to relax in our beautiful nature, we offer the right accomodation.

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Wellness Services


Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage – the healing touch. Directly here with us. Make an appointment with: Kathrin Wagesreiter +43(0) 664 55 91 271 www.massage-kathrin.at


Vibrational Sound Massage

Just relax: With vibrational sound massage. Directly here with us. Make an appointment with: Julia Lerch +43(0) 699 190 445 23



Kick back with Shiatsu. Directly here with us. Make an appointment with: Erich Brandtner, trained Shiatsu practitioner. +43(0) 664 27 64 572 www.shiatserich.at

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